About me

Number One

Name: Stani Stardust

Age: 9 Years Old

I Come From: Alpha Orion

Hobbies: Flying my “Space-Sparkler”

Feeling: Great

Favourite Ice-Cream: Extra-sweet Chocolate





Hey there, Earthling, nice to meet you. Outer space boys like me are happy to get in touch with new life forms.

Want to know more about me. Okay! I am the famous “Stani Stardust”. When I’m not in school, I fly around in outer space. The funniest things happen to me out there. For example, I once ran out of fuel for my Space Sparkler. And because of that I had to make an emergency landing on Earth.

The landing was very smooth…even though I crashed into the top of a roof. And then I met Curlotte. She was really nice to me, and now she is my first and best Earth friend.

Also, there was a book written about my adventures here because so many things happened to me on Earth. And in two languages – German and English. They speak different languages on Earth. Don’t ask  me why…but they do! Everyone speaks Orion back home on Alpha-Orion.

Hm. You’ll see why!

Okay, guys. I am on my way. See you soon!

Stani Stardust

This post is also available in: German

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