Speaking of Wishes

Wunsch-HelmI invented a machine with which you can ask for anything on Earth you want and get it…without having to do something to get it (See Picture on Left Side)

I gave it to an old man. He didn’t like the helmet’s shape very much. I thought: `Stani, what would really make this earthling happy’. Then came an idea. I put a little hole at the top of the funny-looking pointy hat…just like the one that the kalionic tooth fairy wears (she is finally back from her vacation). I thought that it looked a bit silly, but the old guy really loved it. “Grown-up” earthlings can be a bit strange sometimes!

Now you know where those funny-looking, pointy ‘old man’ hats come from…I invented them.

You’ll definitely recognize one (pointy hat) when you see one – niesahsah Wunschhelm für ältere Herren

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